Symbiotic Horizons Farms is close to Fredericton, New Brunswick. A family run operation focusing on vegetable and fruit production serving Fredericton and surrounding communities.
We serve our customers directly by providing fresh seasonal produce through our Community Supported Agriculture “CSA” program. We grow seasonal vegetables and fruit in the field and greenhouses. The farm follows the three Permaculture principles of “Earth Care, People Care, Future Care”.
2024 Program Information 17 Weeks running from the second week of June until the second week of October. $50 deposit to book, balance due by April 12, 2024. We accept e-transfer and Credit Cards (Square). Full Share $675.00/season (1-4 people) $40/week Full shares offer a larger variety of what we grow with larger portions. Half Share 475.00/season (1-2 people) $28/week Delivery $100.00/season
The farms design is beneficial to the surrounding ecosystem. Incorporating native plants to support native insects and wildlife. We work with community members in the Fredericton area seeking food sovereignty, security consulting and training.
We cultivate our farm by hand using traditional hand tools. Fertility is created using the bokashi method that creates very little to no greenhouse gases, and traditional composting methods. We use natural farming methods that benefit the surrounding ecosystem. By supporting our farm you also support the three Permaculture principles and help strengthen the community.